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PRPP Coordinating Committee

A Sub-Committee of the Institutional Planning Council (IPC)


 Committee Function


​In recognition of the importance of a coordinated, integrated District-wide Program and Resource Planning Process, the PRPP Coordinating Committee has been established as a standing subcommittee of the Institutional Planning Council (IPC). The PRPP Coordinating Committee makes recommendations to the Institutional Planning Council on all matters pertaining to the Program and Resource Planning Process (PRPP), including the following:

·         An annual timeline and calendar of deadlines for all program/units in the District.

    ·         Changes and improvements:
    o    To the prompts, the process or the server-based template
    o    To the data sets needed by any program/unit in the District
    o    In response to evaluations or surveys conducted of users and/or the college community
    o    To programming and/or Information Technology support
    o    To sustain continuous quality improvement.



Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule

​​2nd and 4th Thursday each month during the academic year 1:00-2:30 pm

 Committee Structure

​6 Administrators
2 Faculty (President, Academic Senate or designee; one department chair)
2 Classified (President, Classified Senate or designee; classified employee with hands-on experience with PRPP)
1 Confidential (IT Programmer assigned to PRPP)

Membership Total: 11

 Committee Chair

**​​Vice President of the Petaluma Campus/Administrative Co-Chair of IPC, or designee​




 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
Co Confidential

 Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Cathy Prince (VPAA Designee) ​A* Megan Lowry-Reed ​C*
Linda Close (VPBS Designee) ​A* ​Marianne Klahre (Classified Senate President Designee) ​C*
​KC Greaney (VP Petaluma designee)** ​A* ​Eric Thompson ​F*
​Rachael Cutcher (VPSS Designee) ​A* Anne-Marie Donnegan (Department Chair) F​*
​Brenda Dixon (VPHR Designee) ​A* Patty Collis C
Dir, IR (Vacant) ​A*
* Permanent Member by Position:
  • ​​Vice President of Student Services, or designee
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs, or designee
  • Vice President of Business Services, or designee
  • Vice President of Human Resources, or designee
  • Vice President Petaluma Campus, or designee
  • President, Classified Senate or designee
  • President, Academic Senate or designee
  • Information Technology Programmer assigned to PRPP
  • Director, Institutional Research, or designee
  • Department Chair
  • Classified employee, with hands-on experience with PRPP

 Committee Agendas

PRPP CC Agenda 150227.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 150123.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 141219.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 141114.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 141024.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 141010.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 140926.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 140912.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 140411.pdf
PRPP CC Agenda 140328.pdf
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 Committee Minutes

PRPP CC Minutes 141219.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 141114.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 141024.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 141010.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 140926.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 140912.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 140411.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 140328.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 140314.pdf
PRPP CC Minutes 140228.pdf
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 Other Committee Documents

PRPP IPC Calendar 2014-15.pdfPRPP IPC Calendar 2014-153/19/2015